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where refreshing mint leaves and zesty lime harmoniously dance together, transporting you to a tropical paradise with one single whiff. the invigorating blend captures the essence of a perfectly crafted mojito, awakening your senses with a vibrant burst of minty freshness and the exhilarating tang of freshly squeezed lime. immerse yourself in the crisp, cool aura that envelops your space, creating an ambiance of pure relaxation

with each inhale, envision yourself lounging on a beach, sipping a mojito as gentle ocean breezes caress your skin. unleash the irresistible temptation of this scent, and let the aromatic journey transport you to a paradise you won't want to leave

| sustainable coco-soy wax blend

| all natural cotton wicks, lead & zinc free

| wax and fragrance are vegan, phthalate, toxin & cruelty free

| 12oz / 340g